About Liam Elliott - .Net/Angular Consultant

Thanks for dropping by the blog of, Liam Elliott, that’s Elliott with 2 l’s and 2 t’s.

I was born and raised in the southern beach suburbs of Sydney Australia. First and foremost, I am a father of 2, A (very)busy, and energetic and happy little girl, and a brand new baby boy. Professionally, I’m a Software Developer. I’ve been developing .Net enterprise applications for well over 12 years, holding various positions from developer, to team lead through to CTO. Currently, I am a Solution Architect with SSW in Sydney, Australia. At SSW, I currently design, develop enterprise applications using the latest toolset available, using Microsoft Azure, .Net Core and Angular 5.

Recently, I have discovered a passion for leadership, and have begun my pursuit of my Masters in Business Leadership, hence why you’ll find as many posts about Software and Technology as you would about Leadership and the books I am reading.


With the all too convenient, instant gratification of daily life, I strongly believe that to truly appreciate anything one must go back to first principles. From making your own Ice-Cream to Pizza bases and Pasta dough, through to crafting your own beer. Unless you know each ingredient and the process involved how can you truly appreciate the whole experience?

This philosophy has found its way into my photography, and these days I find I am shooting, processing and developing my analogue film photos more so than my digital ones.

These days I have more hobbies than time to pursue them:

  • Landscape photography - Both Digital and B&W Analog
  • Homebrewing Beer
  • (trying to…)Kiteboarding
  • Trail running - Back in 2013, I decided to take up trail running these days I’ve got 2 events I’ll compete in each year
    • 6ft Track Marathon 45km: 2014 (5:28:49); 2016 (6:51:19); 2017 (6:19:25); 2018 (6:29:15)
    • Coastal Classic 30km: 2013 (4:05:33); 2014(4:03:41); 2015 (3:47:45); 2016 (4:13:28); 2018 (4:21:07)


Each and every year, I join the Young Guns team to ride from Sydney to Wollongong to raise money for MS Australia. Raising much needed funds to help support those living with MS in Australia